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Flora & Fauna

Capacity: 2

$650 / weekdays
$750 / weekends

Room Details

Located just steps behind Bricks & Stones, the Flora & Fauna Couples Cove is a secluded retreat away from the main campground. Surrounded by a lush forest and wildflowers, this romantic escape is our most private and quiet accommodation. It includes the same amenities as the campground tents in addition to a mini fridge, a handheld garment steamer, and access to our private 2,000 sq. ft. deck overlooking the Vermilion River.
Get Ready In Style
Flora & Fauna allows both you and your partner to get ready for your wedding on-site. One occupies Flora & Fauna while the other occupies Bricks & Stones. The Bowers Suite inside Bricks & Stones is best suited for bridal parties and includes garment racks, additional outlets, mirrors, fogged windows for privacy, and an en-suite restroom. Flora & Fauna also allows you both to keep your personal belongings nearby throughout your wedding.
Your All-Inclusive Experience
Your two-night stay in Flora & Fauna includes a chef-curated welcome snack basket upon check-in, two complimentary breakfasts, and one bottle of champagne. Throughout your stay, you may find yourself picking up snacks at The Barn. Rather than worrying about meals throughout your wedding weekend, our chefs can design an all-inclusive menu for you and your partner. Our attentive staff will hand-deliver each meal to your tent in addition to herb firewood bundles for your personal bonfire. Additional charges will apply.


Casual Indoor Seating Area
Central Air Conditioning and Heat
Comfortable Beds with Luxury Linens
En-Suite Restroom with Shower and Fresh Towels
Mini Fridge
Personal Bonfire Pit
Personal Outdoor Bonfire with Firewood Bundles
Personal Outdoor Deck with Casual Seating
Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, and Makeup Wipes
Signature Aramoni Bath Balm
Tent Netting for Pest Control

What To Bring

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